FRC Multiple covers spacers

For horizontal or vertical fixing of bars

Ref Designation Covering Weight (KG/Pallet)
CL-B25/30 Pallet FRC double cover spacer 25/30 with wire 25x30 640
CL-B20/25 Pallet FRC double cover spacer 20/25 without wire 20x25 930
CL-T45/55/60 Pallet FRC triple cover spacer 45/55/60 with wire 45x55x60 920
CL-Q35/40/45/50 Pallet FRC quadruple cover spacer 35/40/45/50 with wire 35x40x45x50 885


- Spacer with a steel clip, 1mm diam. x 300mm length.
- The steel wire can be replaced by a galvanized, or a stainless wire (article reference + «G» or “I”).

- High compressive strength.
- Respect of concrete cover.


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