Formwork accessories

Concrete cone d52.5 (*AVRI Type)

To fill the cavity for fasteners. (*AVRI: Trademark by Sateco)

Ref Designation Diam 1 x Diam 2 x L Weight (KG/Pallet)
CBS52.5/64M160 Pallet Cone d52.5/64 52,5x64x150 1320
CBS52.5/65.3M180 Pallet Cone d52.5/65.3 52,5x65,3x170 1285
CBS52.5/66.6M200 Pallet Cone d52.5/66.6 52,5x66,6x190 1460
CBS52.5/69M250 Pallet Cone d52.5/69 52,5x69x240 1540
CBS52.5/73M300 Pallet Cone d52.5/73 52,5x73x290 1485


- Concrete type CBHE for waterproof works.

- Can be in contact with drinking water.

- Quick and easy installation.
- Waterproof.


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